Become a Forestry Athlete!


Benefits of Being a Forestry School Rep

- New Forestry gear every season, sent to your door!

- Special Sponsored Athlete pricing

- Coupon cards to hand out to friends, other athletes, etc

- Cash bonus if you hit $500 in sales from your cards (monthly)


Rep Starter Pack Includes:

- Your pick of 5 Forestry items ($150 worth of gear)

- 50 coupon cards with your custom code


What We Want From a Forestry School Rep

- Represent Forestry properly. Be friendly!

- Share photos, tag Forestry appropriately

- Interact in your community

- Hand out coupon cards and spread the love!

- Keep in contact for when you need more coupon cards or gear


How To Apply


Answer these questions and send your application to titled "I Want To Be A Forestry Athlete!"


1. Give us a brief summary about what you do, and how you kick ass at it.


2. Why do you want to be a Forestry Athlete?


3. What makes you a good fit to be a Forestry Athlete?


4. List any clubs, organizations, events, or anything you actively participate in.


5. Link any videos of you doing what you do best!


6. What are your social media profiles? (List them below)